Laying the foundation: The first step to restoring your Whole Health 

Stress, Sleep, Exercise, and Nutrition are the foundation of your whole health. Examining these areas is the first step I take when addressing any medical concerns, because when your foundation is compromised, so is the rest of your health.

  • Stress: Identify the triggers that may be raising your stress level. Common factors include but are not limited to family, work, school, diet, lifestyle, or illness. A hormone evaluation may be administered.
  • Sleep: Examine your sleep patterns and screen for outside causes of sleep disruption. This may include a referral for a sleep study evaluation or usage of supplements if deemed appropriate.  
  • Exercise: Assessment of your fitness levels in order to create a balanced exercise regimen. Your individual interests and fitness goals will be taken into consideration so your customized program is effective and enjoyable.
  • Nutrition: Evaluation of your diet, deficiencies, and any food allergies. I will do my best to educate you on how certain types of food and supplements affect your gut and contribute to your whole health. You will be given a timeline that allows you to make small dietary changes until your entire diet has been transformed. I recommend to patients that they adopt a Paleo or Mediterranean based diet.