My mission is to inspire others to embark on a journey that is both challenging and rewarding. To establish goals that create balance physically and mentally. To educate individuals so that they can take ownership of their health. To make them understand that this isn’t a quick fix it is a commitment.

The turning point that made me reevaluate my “Whole Health” was the loss of my father at the age of 69 from a massive heart attack. My wife always says to our children, “taking notes in class is great, reading them is better, but if you don’t act on them, they are worthless.” In a nutshell that was my father. He had the knowledge and was given the tools, but he never acted on them. At his peak weight, he was over 300 pounds. He became inactive, and his heart labored to function but he never chose to make a change. After his death, I grieved but was angry at him for not taking responsibility of his health, and not continuing to be in my life. I can’t change what happened, but I can help empower those who choose to make a change.