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I first heard Dr. Kevin Kelly speak about the benefits of reexamining our diets, vitamins, and medicines at a lecture in the home of a friend. His discussion about the interrelationship of these factors in regards to our optimal health was fascinating. Specifically, I was completely intrigued by the possible adverse affects that certain foods may have on our well being. I agree that, too often, we are prescribed medicines to address symptoms of a disease, rather than treating the causes that may exacerbate the disease. I believe Dr. Kelly’s approach of utilizing new, sound research regarding foods, vitamins and harmful environmental factors, along with any effective medical intervention, would provide patients with a more balanced and healthy plan of care. Preventative medicine is the ultimate goal of his healthy lifestyle ideology and practice.

I recently invited Dr. Kelly to speak to my PEO group of 32 women. His presentation entitled, No RX Required, was clear, knowledgeable, interesting, and extremely motivating. The question and answer phase of his presentation was fascinating and could have gone on for hours. Almost every woman could relate to the information and felt that they would benefit by making some changes in their own lifestyles. Personally, I am reading two of the books he recommended during his discussion. I think that the excitement he created within my PEO group was in learning that we can more easily control our health and well-being than we may have previously believed. I highly recommend Dr. Kevin’s’ approach to creating the healthiest version of ourselves through improved diet choices, vitamins, and stress reduction in our environment.
— Mary Jane Rotellar
When Dr. Kelly first encouraged my family to change our diet, my first thoughts were…I have to give up pasta? I have to give up cheese? I have to give up sugar? No way! Dr. Kelly patiently explained that while we would be eliminating these foods from our diet, we would still have a variety of healthier foods to eat. I am so glad that we listened to Dr. Kelly. I have lost 37lbs so far and my husband, son and daughter have also lost significant weight. This nutritional change has gone beyond the weight loss. I no longer have knee joint pain and my acid reflux rarely flairs up anymore. People have commented that even my skin looks so much healthier. I feel so grateful that my family has learned to make wiser food choices. An unexpected side effect, our friends and other family members who have seen our transformation have also modified their eating and lost weight. While many people may see the Paleo way of eating as restrictive, I see it as liberating. I listen to my body and eat when I am hungry. I no longer crave sugar and unhealthy foods. I feel better than I have ever felt and I am so glad that Dr. Kelly encouraged us to take control of our eating habits and make a change.
— Joella Scheidegger
On a bee-sting related visit to Dr. Kelly’s office in August 2013, I mentioned the increasing pain in my joints that didn’t seem to correspond to my age and fitness level. Dr. Kelly pointed out that every pound of extra weight I was packing takes its toll on each joint. I sort of knew this but recent attempts to cut back on eating to lose weight, mostly related to my desire to look better, were so unsuccessful I had resigned myself to being dissatisfied with my body for the rest of my life. I am a dedicated daily walker and I shuddered to think how I would look if I could no longer walk due to the joint issues. Since dieting didn’t work for me, my daily exercise was the only thing keeping me halfway presentable!

As we continued to chat, Dr. Kelly related some facts regarding how food affects the body and that everybody does not react to foods in the same way and that my joint pain could actually be more related to what I ate rather than how much I weighed. He wrote down the name of the book, it starts with food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. On my way home, I ran by Barnes and Noble, picked it up, and started reading it that day. That was August 26.

On August 28, I began the Whole 30 Program and totally committed myself to the plan. I was resolute to determine if eating different foods could actually relieve my increasing joint discomfort. Fast forward 30 days, my joints felt so much better, my mind was truly clearer, and (bonus) my clothes were loose. I stepped on the scale and nearly burst into tears when I discovered I had lost 14 pounds. I gathered up 14 pounds of food on the kitchen counter, texted the photo to Dr. Kelly and told him my results.

I am forever indebted to Dr. Kelly for turning me on to the Paleo Lifestyle. Although I am not 100% dedicated these days (I just really enjoy a glass of wine in the evening!) I do recognize the benefits of making good choices in eating. After The Whole 30, I stayed with my version of the program and continued to lose weight until I had shed a total of 38 pounds. I have become a cheerleader for the program and grateful for what it has done for me.
— Gayla Warner