No goal is too small, no task is unachievable.



5K Run, 13.1 Marathon, 70.3 Triathlon, at one point these were unattainable challenges; now, they’re celebrated accomplishments. These numbers help define who I am and mark the journey I have taken to get here. No step the same, each day a challenge. My goal propelling me to wake up and make those 5AM runs, long swims and grueling bicycle rides. For some individuals, this is a way of life. For most it’s inconceivable. For me it was a change that I had to make if I wanted to take responsibility of my health and my future. 

As the youngest of 6 children, I was brought up in the “clean plate club” era. A time when TV dinners were the new fad, fast food was exploding in popularity and structured exercise was not praised as it is today. 40 years later, I strive to break these old habits and educate patients about why they should do the same. I provide them with goals, guidelines, and a plan of action that will lead them to achieving their “Whole Health.” 

Kevin Kelly is a graduate of the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Program Children’s Hospital of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, an affiliate of Mount Sinai School of Medicine.